Hawk Haven GSP

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Countryside Red Hot Roxi is our first shorthair, purchased locally from Countryside Gundogs in 2007.  She is a people pleasing girl that loves to train and hunt, and started our shorthair addiction.  

Roxi has attained a NAVHDA NA1 (112), 3 legs of her JH, and a NAVHDA UPT3 (119).

Roxi still hits the fields every season, but is semi-retired due to an injury.

DOB:  7/1/07

(Frank VD Westwind MH x Top Gun Maddy MH)

Hawk Haven's Happy Go Lucky NA1 UT2 DS was born from our first litter out of Brandi.  I wasn't looking to keep Lucky, but after taking him to the field at just 3 months old, it became apparent that he was here to stay.  At 4.5 months old, he and his sister Franki would pass their NAVHDA Natural Ability Test, both with a maximum score of 112.  In 2017, Lucky ran a NAVHDA Utility Test as a greenbroke dog, and received a Prize 2 score of 173.  We look forward to retesting and entering some field trials in the future.  

Lucky is a hard charging boy that adjusts to cover, ideal for the foot hunter, but also has the talent to be a trial dog.  This boy is a pleasure to hunt wild Iowa roosters with, holding his points staunchly until I get there to flush, whether they be 50 or 150 yards away.

He's a retrieving addict and loves the water.  With no prior practice, he easily achieved his AKC Dock Senior Title, jumping 5 for 5, with a maximum of 16' 6".

DOB:  5/15/13

Hawk Haven's Flash N Dash Franki NA1 was also born from our 2013 litter out of Brandi.  Franki was retained as a potential breeding prospect, but whether or not we ever choose to breed, she is here to stay.  Franki also tested for her NAVHDA Natural Ability at 4.5 months, receiving a maximum score of 112 as well.  The cherry on top is that Franki did such a determined track in the field, that she received her tracking score during the field portion of the test, without the normal dedicated track being required.

Franki is in stealth mode in the field, quietly making her moves on wild Iowa pheasant.  She is a medium range dog with a natural retrieve, staunch point, and natural honor.  I jest that she can track a pheasant fart in 50 mph gusts and she has been used successfully for a blood track.  I shot my very first rooster over Franki in 2014.

DOB:  5/15/13

Hawk Haven's Make My Day Moxi was born from our 2016 litter out of Brandi.  Moxi was unable to do her NAVHDA NA test, due to injury, but we are working on steadiness training currently in preparation for her future testing and trialing career.

Up to this point, Moxi has hunted two seasons, with her first pointed rooster harvested at 6 months old.  She is a medium range dog, with a snappy ground-covering gait, and tons of desire.

DOB:  6/7/16